Thursday, December 13, 2012

Why do you need to look in my closets?!

So as some of you may know our house is on the market.  This keeps me pretty busy making sure that everything is dusted, put away, and generally ready for a last-minute showing.  Plus with an active toddler it is hard to keep all of my crafting items out.  Since we are trying to sell the house, I've had to pair down (more than a few times) what I am keeping at the house and what we are putting into the storage unit. 

Too bad this is what my study closet looks like after I've gone through it about 10 times in the last week.  Hopefully this doesn't turn off an potential buyer.  What you can't really see is that the shelf in the closet is stacked to the ceiling with stuff.  It is organized into bins, but isn't very inviting.  I tried to convince my husband that I was showing the capacity of the closet but I don't think he bought that reason.

(Sorry for the sloppy picture)

How do you store all of your craft items?  Would you be able to pick and choose what to keep at your place?  I've gone 13298792370498320948320 times to the storage unit to pull stuff out that I wish I had kept at the house.  Luckily I wrote the contents on the top of every box (I was fairly specific with my stuff) so it doesn't take ages to find.  I've also had my share of box cuts since it is finally getting kind of cold (does 50F count as cold?) and my hands are dry from washing them a bajillion times a day.
Mickey Mouse is keeping the germs away.  And ignore my nails if you can, this is what happens to 3 layers of nail polish after washing your hands a bajillion times each day.

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